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Shipping & Returns
Shipping Information for Domestic Customers

We make every effort to ship complete orders on time, back orders are shipped soon as the products are available to us. By placing your order, you agree to accept partial shipments and pay partial invoices within our payment terms. Delivery time can be affected by circumstances beyond our control, such as shortage, or strike. We try to maintain adequate stock in our distribution center to allow for the unexpected. However, shortages of raw materials or surges in demand may deplete our stock. In such cases, we cannot be liable for delays. While confirming orders, please make sure to meet minimum requirement for free shipping, to avoid any shipping charges. If for any reason, you cannot meet minimum requirement for free shipping, please ask our sales associate for shipping charges. Please don’t forget to add tax to all the orders, unless it’s out of state orders. Out of state orders will not have tax added to the invoice from our company.

Shipping and Handling Charges for regional orders
Do not pay the truck carrier directly (apply to all regional orders only NOT local orders). DFW Motel Supply has obtained rate discounts from its carriers. These programs stipulate that we must pay the shipping charges in order to obtain the discount. Unless you've requested a "collect" shipment, do not pay the carrier. If you're asked for payment from the carrier, please call us immediately. DFW Motel Supply does NOT provide inside or upstairs delivery.
Shipping and Handling Charges for local orders
For local orders, our company collects all the orders going in one area, and has them delivered. We try our best to deliver all the order ASAP. Local orders covers limited area (call for details). Driver works on contract, which means he/she is NOT an employee of DFW Motel Supply & Textiles Inc. DFW Motel Supply does NOT provide inside AND/OR upstairs delivery.
Receiving Your Shipment
The following steps must be taken when a shipment arrives
It is very important that you examine each carton in the presence of the driver, at the time of delivery, because according to federal law, once you sign for merchandise, you become responsible for it. The only exception is if you or the driver note any damage on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery. We are bound by time constraints imposed by freight companies and the law. Claims received by the carrier after ten (10) calendar days from the delivery date cannot be honored, so you must notify us within five (5) calendar days of delivery, which will give us enough time to process the claim.
DO NOT SIGN driver’s paper before you examine the goods. There is always packing list attached to pallet so that you can verify the goods quantity.
1. All shipments must be inspected upon delivery. Do not write, "Subject to Inspection" on the delivery receipt. The merchandise must be inspected immediately in the presence of the driver. Examine each carton for damage. If only the box or carton is damaged, and inside products are usable, product is NOT considered damaged.
2. Verify the piece count. Make sure you are signing for the correct number of items. If any products received short, please make a note of it on all copies of delivery receipt. Fax us the copy of delivery receipt immediately. DFW Motel supply will make the claim with the carrier. We have 10 days to claim the products. If fax is not received in timely manner customer may be held responsible for short-received amount.
3. If you find any damage, note on all copies of the delivery receipt, and please call us and fax it to us immediately. Soon as your fax is received, DFW Motel supply will make the claim with the carrier. We have 10 days to claim the products. If fax is not received in timely manner customer may be held responsible for damage amount. Damaged products must be ref . If the customer keeps product, we can’t make claims with carrier. By keeping the damaged product, you (customer) accepting damaged product as a good to use product, for which no credit of any kind will be given.

Any times that needs to be returned, should be bought from DFW Motel Supply & Textiles Inc.

Any old logo products may NOT be returned, and if returned, full credit will not be given.

Open, Washed, broken, used, or damaged products may not be returned. Be sure to make a note in Driver´┐Żs bill of lading when accepting the delivery, if any products are broken and damaged in transit.

Be sure to put a label of your motel name and address on the box, especially if returning by US postal service, UPS, DHL or FedEx, so we know whom the credit should go to.

Once the goods are received in our warehouse, which meets above requirements, credit is either faxed or mailed to customer.

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