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Shipping and Customer Service
Customer Service:

Our customer service team will answer any questions regarding any product we carry, or any useful information that is needed. If they donít know the answer right away, they will be more then happy to find out information and get back to you. To place an order you must speak with customer service reps, if not with your company letterhead, fax us the order; which ever is more convenient. Also you can find out information like: Tracking #, approximately when should be order be delivered, and if we have any particular item in stock or not.


DFW Motel Supply & Textiles Inc. delivers orders with use of contract drivers within 60 miles radius of Dallas Ft.Worth metro Plax. Orders delivered out side of metro Plax is done by utilizing trucking companies. For within metro Plax driver delivers box by box, which means customer should look at and count each box at the time of accepting delivery any return that needs to be made, could be given to the driver and make sure to note it down on each copy driver has.

For out side of metro Plax goods are put on pallets and wrapped with shrink-wrap. If goods are not intact with pallet wrapper, we highly recommend counting each box and making sure you are receiving everything that was in the packing list (ALWAYS attached on the pallet). Also when you sign driverís copy, make sure to put notes like ďPallet NOT intactĒ when itís not wrapped, or ďShort by __ # of boxesĒ if any. Also DO NOT return any boxes to the driver, since DFW uses tracking companies, driver does NOT report back to DFW.


There are certain qualifications that must be met before returning your goods to DFW Motel Supply & Textiles Inc.

  1. Items returned should be bought from DFW Motel Supply & Textiles.  Credit will not be given for other companies’ products.
  2. Any old logo products will not be given full credit.
  3. Washed, broken, or used products may not be returned, unless approved by DFW Motel Supply & Textiles Inc.
  4. Any products returned must be in its original box and packing and returned to our warehouse. 
  5. If you do not provide your motel name, address, and phone number on the returned product, we will not be able to apply credit to the necessary account.  
  6. Credit will only be given once the goods have reached our warehouse, and properly inspected by our staff.

Please return goods to:

DFW Motel Supply & Textiles Inc.

4220, Shilling Way
Dallas, TX  75237

© Copyright DFW Motel Supply 2010